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Welcome to the Wolfhome 2D Avatar Chat website. Wolfhome was started back in October 1999. It is owned by wunderwood LLC and is one of the Chatlands™ chat sites.

Recent News

Happy Howl-o-Ween!!

In celebration of Howl-o-ween and Wolfhome's Birthday, subscriptions have now been set to free!!

Howl-o-ween Events! 10/09/2017

October is upon us and Howl-o-ween is just around the corner. The Administration as well as the Event Committee have busted out some special Halloween themed contests and events for you, located in The Wolfhome Bulletin Board. Here are a few events happening now and lasting throughout October!

Contests ending October 31st:
* The Pose Mod & Custom Pose Contest with prizes up to 15 deltas!
* 'Guess How Many' Candy Contest with prizes up to 5 deltas!
*Pumpkin Carving Contest with prizes up to 8 deltas
*Caption & Screenshot Contest with prizes up to 5 deltas!
*Sniff Trivia with prizes up to 10 deltas!

Along with a few other events such as The catch me outside event, where you take a 'Nature' photo (yes! you DO have to go outside for this!) So get out there and hone your photography skills for a chance at winning a prize of up to 10 deltas!! - This ends Oct 20th!

On October 29th Bedagi and Rhea will be hosting a Trick or Treat Event at 7 PM EST. Find out more by clicking the link! Oh and be on the lookout for Celebria and Fayete, they seem to be doing a lot of TRICK or TREATing around chat! They will be riddling you silly so have your wits about you!

Wolfhome Team Applications

Applications for the Wolfhome Administration and the Relations Team are OPEN, while the Event Committee's remains closed.

Howloween Poll - 9/2/17

It is that time already!? Howloween, Wolfhome's Halloween and anniversary celebration, will be starting in a few weeks! We would like your input on what types of events you would like to see. Please give your feedback here!

Promotions - 8/15/17

Within the past month, Epilepsy and Voidrae joined the Art Review Team! If you have any pose related questions, let them know! And we would also like to welcome Sidekick, our newest gamma, to the staff! Welcome aboard! Lastly, a bit welcome back to Wolfhome Administration, Coyote!

Promotions & Events - 7/1/17

Voidrae, Ravi and Basil were promoted to Gamma! While Kuvi, Blackbird, Epilepsy and Affliction were promoted to Beta! Be sure to say congratulations if you see them around the chat or forum!

The Event Committee has a few events going on currently, such as: Summer Scavenger Hunt and The Tale of Wolfhome, a short story and comic event! Click the links for more details.

Applications for the Wolfhome Administration, the Wolfhome Event Committee, and Wolfhome Relations Team are currently closed.

The administration is holding a fundraiser for the community! All proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward updating pose sets, rooms, and other aesthetics for Wolfhome. With contributions from several of the administration, we are happy to offer a wide range of art and services. Check out the thread here and help us give Wolfhome some new art!

Update to Wolfhome Rules: Role-play death threats - 4/21/17

The Administration would like to make you aware of a change in our chat rules regarding death threats. Role-play death threats are now acceptable in private rooms and private settings designated for role-play only.

However, if the threat is deemed serious/ too graphic enough, or if it is unclear if the threat is role-play related, you will still be subject to a ban. Furthermore, role-play death threats in public settings (this includes sniffs, away messages in a public room and private room rules) and any other type of death threat (not role-play) still follow our normal protocols.

Please click here for our updated version of this rule change (rule number 4). Feel free to contact any on duty administrator if you have any questions or concerns about this rule change.

Lunar Phases Update - 4/7/17

Lunar Phases, which is Wolfhome's newsletter, has come out with a new update! To read more about Lunar Phases or contribute to the newsletter, please see here and to read the newsletter, please see here!

Wolfhome Administrator Applications [Open] - 3/26/17 to 5/26/17

Are you interested in becoming an administrator on Wolfhome?

Please click here to find out more information about becoming apart of the Wolfhome Administration team! Applications are open from now until May 26th!

Promotions & Events - 4/3/17

Bedagi, Little and syzygy have joined the Event Committee while Fik and Affliction have joined the Art Review Team. If you see them around chat, be sure to say congratulations!

The Event Committee has a few events going on currently: Spring Fever, Spring Pose Swap, Easter Egg Hunt and National Heath Day! Click the links for more details.

Wolfhome -> Chefhome! - 4/1/17

To get with the more modern trends, Wolfhome is now taking on a new theme. Over the next few weeks, we will be testing this theme out, and if it sticks like butter on toast, we will keep to it. After many focus groups, we have decided to change our theme to embracing food, the foodie lifestyle, and recipe sharing. To honor this theme, we have collectively chosen the name: ChefHome. Please click here for more information. PS: Happy April Fools! :)

New Feature for Ultimate Subscribers! - 3/5/17

Any individual with an ultimate subscription on Wolfhome can now enter a room marked as "full" from the map or the mysts. This feature will not work for any subscription level below ultimate. For more information, please take a look at the announcement topic on the Wolfhome Forums.

Happy Howlidays! - 12/24/16

From all of us here at Wolfhome, we hope you had a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Free Week & Happy Howloween! - 10/31/16

In celebration of Wolfhome's birthday, it's time for free week! Subscriptions on the chat are now free until November 1st! Any available subscription is free and already subscribing members will not have any deltas deducted from their account. Upload poses, rooms and take that pose set you've always wanted to try for a drive!

Enjoy and most importantly... HAPPY HOWLOWEEN!

Update to Wolfhome Rules: Impersonation - 3/27/16

The Wolfhome administration would like to make you aware of some rule changes that have been made. Impersonation has always been handled as a serious offense, however, the administration felt that it was important enough to warrant it's own rule. So, instead of finding it under disturbing the peace, impersonation has been added on as the new Rule 23 on both forum and chat. We ask that you freshen yourself up with the rules and if you have any questions, you're welcome to bring it up with any Wolfhome administrator.

Here's a link to the forum rules: here. And a link to the chat rules: here.

Server Update - 1/1/16

Wolfhome is on a new server! We're still having some lingering issues due to the move, but I am working on them and will try to get them resolved asap. Thanks for being a part of Wolfhome!


Golden Jackal Pose Set!

Wolfhome has added a remake of the Jackal set! This set is for the BASIC subscription +! Make sure you go and check it out!

The Howling Peak!

We are pleased to announce a new room has been donated to WolfHome by Sitara! Please go check out the new room stunning Howling Peak!

IMPORTANT changes - new users must be over 13 to join!

This DOES NOT apply to those who made accounts BEFORE 2nd March 2013. Anyone joining Wolfhome after 2nd March 2013 must be at least 13 years of age. All current users under the age of 13, whether having a paid account or a free account will not be affected. =) see this forum topic if you have any questions.

WolfHome Feedback Survey!

Head on over to this forum topic to see how you can help make a difference to WolfHome by filling in our survey questions!

Nominate who you think should be an admin!

As always, we are taking nominations from users for who they think should be an admin. For more information on how to nominate someone please click here!

Wolfhome Banners!

Visit the Wolfhome banner page (sign in with your Chatlands™ user name) and add one to your web page to promote this site! Thanks!

Wolfhome on Facebook

Wolfhome has a Facebook page, and here's a hint... It would be a good idea to "LIKE" the page and then keep an eye out for Delta giveaway promotions! These promotions are only available on Facebook. We've been running promotions frequently and we will run more soon. So, keep an eye on the Wolfhome Facebook page for your chance to win a Chatlands™ Delta.
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