Wolfhome Pose
Uploader "HOW-TO"

(A tutorial to help you get started with customized avatars)
You have your pose all ready to go... but how do you upload it??

Well, first you must log into Wolfhome and get to the Wolfhome map.

Right in the center of the map is the "Body Shop" - yes, the place that you go to change your colors.
Here is where you'll find the bodyshop...

Clicking here will take you to a new screen where you have the option to change your wolf's colors and change the type of "Crinos" you use. However, there is also a link that will allow you to upload a completely custom body.

Click on the "Upload" link and it will ask you to enter your username and password. This is your usual Wolfhome login name and your usual password, nothing special here.

However, once logged in it will bring you to this page:

Here it will display ALL of your current poses. It will show you what account you are logged into at the top, give you a list of poses currently waiting for review and also show you which poses have been rejected and why. There is also an option here to OK poses that other users have transferred to you - however, even if you accept them they must still go by the Art Review Staff in order to appear in your pose list at the top of the page.
The last option here is for poses not suitable for public use. These are for poses with a rating higher than the PG-13 chat and for use in private rooms only. This however, has not been coded in yet and so you can ignore this for now until we work around how to implement this feature.

Scroll down and you will see this:

Simple, huh? You simply upload the left facing version of your pose on the left hand side and the right-facing pose on the right. Underneath is a box where you must enter a pose name (this is the name that will appear in the drop-down list when you click your wolf). Be careful here, because naming a pose with the same name as an existing pose will replace the old pose with the new one.

Then click "Go get them" and your poses will be uploaded to the Wolfhome server and be ready for review.
If you scroll up, you'll suddenly see your pose on the "waiting for review" page. If it is still here, it is because the Art Staff haven't looked at it yet. Be patient, - there are a LOT of users on WolfHome and the Art Team have to review each pose for quality by hand. If you haven't looked at our standards yet it may be a good idea to check out the Art FAQ before you upload a pose.
If the Art Staff find a problem, and your pose is rejected it will show up on the "Rejected poses" list with a reason why and possibly some comments to help it get accepted the next time round. If you pose gets rejected, don't fret - it happens to everyone from time to time - but if you feel that it was rejected for no good reason feel free to email the Art Team directly about it. Their email address can be found in the Art FAQ.
When your poses are accepted, they will automatically be put into your pose lists and you will be able to use your custom wolf on the chat. Neat huh?

Happy Uploading!


(source: http://wolfhome.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2035)