Here is a concept image of what I am hoping to accomplish with "alternate maps". I am calling this new feature ChatLands*.

The term "ChatLands" means personalized or customized maps along with your pick of avatar types.

As an ultimate account holder, you will be able to create your own personalized "Wolfhome* style" map, and then decide what rooms should appear on that map. Soon you will even be able to specify a custom home page for this alternate map. Folks that log in using that custom page will be delivered directly to your custom map, not to the regular Wolfhome* map.

When combined with the new alternate species features, basically this means that soon you will have your own personalized chat environment. For the short term, the administration for these things still falls on the current WH admins (plus the room alphas). In the future, ChatLands map owners will take over all administrative control of their creations.
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*chatlands and wolfhome are trademarks of wunderwood llc